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Bad steakhouse server!

A tasty new steakhouse opened up in our little podunk town, and so far, my husband and I love it. The food is great, and the first time we went, we had an awesome waiter.

So last night, after taking our son downtown for trick or treating, we went with my mother to said steakhouse, wanting a nice dinner.

The food was wonderful again, but our waiter this time was a complete dipshit.

When he first came to take our order, I noticed he didn't write anything down...which, hey, I understand sometimes restaurants don't let the servers write things down, and I also understand that sometimes the servers don't NEED to.

This guy, however, should have. First off, he constantly behaved as though he were dazed or out of it. He kept repeating things, and had no clue how to answer our questions about items on the menu (Example: "Are the skillet potatos frieds?" "...Uh...I guess?") Then, after we ordered, he had to come back twice to ask us what we ordered. And when we realized he had forgotten to ask what dressings we wanted on the salads that were supposed to come with our meals, my mother flagged him down.

(Mom) Can I have my salad, please?
(Waiter) Oh! Yeah. *walks off*
(Mom)...but you don't know what kind of dressing I want ;_;
(Me and Husband)...and he didn't even ask about OUR salads >_>
*10 minutes later*
(Waiter)*comes running back*...uh...what kind of dressing did you want?
(Mom) ...Italian.
(Me) And-
(Waiter) *zoom!*
(Me)...that's okay, I don't want salad anyway.
(Husband) Me, neither. It's cool.

After about 10 more minutes, Hubby and I realize we haven't gotten the drinks we ordered. He finally brings those, nearly forgetting my husband's White Russian, and has to run back to the bar for that, too.

Finally, our meal comes out. My husband ordered a steak with a baked potato, no sour cream. I ordered grilled tilapia with garlic and green onion sauce, and what was listed as: "a sweet potato baked with caramel sauce and marshmallows." You know, like sweet potato casserole.

Husband received a potato swimming with sour cream, and I received a plain sweet potato wrapped in foil. I also didn't receive the sauce on my fish.

(Me) I'm sorry, but this was supposed to be cooked in a caramel sauce with marshmallows.
(Husband) and I didn't want sour cream, please.
(Waiter) Oh..uh...caramel sauce?
(Me) Yes. With marshmallows. And I didn't get the garlic sauce on my fish.
(Waiter)..uh..okay I'll be right back.
(Me) Thank you =D

Now, he failed to take back my plate...which I thought was odd, since I figured they'd have to remake the potato and add the sauce to the fish. But then I assumed he would just bring a new potato on a different plate. No biggy.

After another 10 minutes or so, he brings back a corrected baked potato for hubby, and then does something I couldn't even believe I was seeing.

He hands me a filthy bottle of caramel sauce (like ice cream topping) and a napkin full of three stale marshmallows.

I just gaped at it, then at him, with this look of complete "wtf" on my face.

(Me)...I-....Oh. Uh...I have to...make this myself?
(Me)...I thought it was cooked-...You know what, never mind.
(Waiter) >_> Okay. *walks off*
(Mom)....are you shitting me?
(Husband) O_O;

I couldn't even believe it. I gingerly set the stale marshmallows and caramel sauce aside, and ate my potato plain. As for the fish...I was handed a small cup of garlic butter (NOT sauce), which tasted nasty. The fish was delicious plain. It was a good thing I was in a good mood, because the caramel bottle and the old marshmallows just blew my mind.

Throughout the rest of the meal, he never returns to check on us. During this time, my mother has had to flag down other servers to bring us new bread and water refills.

Finally, we had to flag him down yet again to get our bill. It was insane.

I will be back, becuase the first experience was excellent, and I don't think this guy's behavior was a fair testament to the restaurant overall. But we got his name, and will be avoiding his section from this day forward >_>

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