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health insurance annoyances

It was bad enough when the "friendly pharmacists" who work for the shitty mail-order pharmacy my company forces me to use kept calling me at work to "discuss" my medications and see if there are some "lower-cost alternatives" (translation: let's change the medication your doctor prescribed to the cheapest shit we can find so your company can save money).

First of all, I'm at work. Which means I'm working. I don't have fifteen minutes to discuss the intimate details of my health care with a total stranger. And even if I did, I'm not changing my medication. That's between me and my doctor, kthx.

I had to tell them twice to stop calling me at work.

But here's what really pissed me off: my health insurance provider has a wonderful little feature called a "health coach". I don't have a problem with this. Really. Just because I choose not to participate doesn't mean someone else can't get something out of it. My problem is with the way the program is administered and the fact that they seem determined to force it on me. When I go to the company website to manage my health care benefits, there is a large and friendly button for me to click and enroll. I choose not to do this. I'm not discussing my medical history with a total stranger over the phone and I'm sure as hell not involving them in the decisions I make. I am an intelligent adult. I have a very good doctor. So I ignore the big annoying 'click here to enroll!' button. In my mind, I foolishly assumed this would make it clear that I do not wish to participate.

Wrong! That's not the end of it. Don't enroll on the website? No problem! We'll just harass you with repeated calls to your cellphone! I received a voice mail from Jackie, the friendly HealthCo registered nurse, extolling the virtues of this program and wanting to "discuss my health care and lifestyle." She left her name and telephone number. I ignored it. A week later, I got another voice mail. I ignored it. Then I got the third one.

Seriously, when someone doesn't call back after the first message, and the second, obviously they're not interested. Why would you keep calling? Now thoroughly pissed off, I called her back. I informed her that I do not want to participate and I do not want any more phone calls from them. Her reply? "Well, when people call and ask to be removed from the list, we just tell them we'll call every six months."

Excuse me? Am I speaking Martian? Did I not just say "no more calls?" Now I was really infuriated. My boss already treats me like a naughty child. I'm not about to put up with it from my health insurance provider. I told her NO, no more calls, not in six months, not in a year, not ever. I have never and will never discuss my private business with her or any other "health coach". I am a grown woman and I make my own decisions.

Hey, what do you know, I'm off the list. Apparently you have to say it twice before they hear you.

Edited to change 'Urdu' to 'Martian'. My sincere apologies to any Urdu speakers I may have inadvertently offended.
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