miss k (agentscuiy) wrote in bad_service,
miss k

Bad service

Why no one should ever order from Retrodiva.com:

I ordered a pair of blue suede creepers on August 4th. The owner of the company was very kind and made sure my shoes were sent out so I could receive them before I moved to Japan. However, when I received them several days prior, they were black and not blue.

I was instructed to send them back, and that my credit card would be credited with the postage charge. Then they would send me my new pair at my new address. However, the owner went away for several weeks, and disappeared until the middle of September.

When she came back, she decided she was going to send them Economy Surface, which would take several months. I convinced her otherwise, but although it was her mistake, I had to pay the difference in the price for Airmail.

However, before she could send them, she was sent the wrong pair again by her supplier.

Several more weeks go by, because she went away again. Then she finally sends them.

I receive them, October 23rd, and they're the wrong size. She apologizes and says she'll send the correct pair out the next day.

The shoes are blue, but not an attractive blue. They're a gross grayish color. She altered the image on the site to show the blue as a bright, cobalt blue (and admitted to it also), when in reality they are nothing like the color, and honestly nothing I'd ever want to wear.

Two weeks later, she asks me if I've sent the shoes yet, because she's waiting for me to send them before she sends me the correct pair.

Then she subscribes me to the site's mailing list.

I tell her I'm sending the shoes out now, and if she could please send me my pair (as she promised weeks ago) so I'd get them before December 1st. She tells me she won't send them until she receives the pair she sent me in error.

So I cancel my order.

I'm still waiting to hear back from her. Through all this trouble, has she offered a discount? A coupon? Anything? Nothing. It's been almost four months and all I get for being pushed around is a bad attitude.

EDIT: I heard back from her... She's expecting me to pay a 15% restocking fee if I want to return the shoes (WHICH I DON'T HAVE)!

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