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Bad UPS Service

This is my boyfriend's bad_service, but it's such a sucky situation. Granted, UPS is doing (somewhat) what they can to remedy the problem. But in reality, it never should have happened.

My boyfriend and I go to college in one part of the state, but he is originally from another part. Adam* is still on his family's cell phone plan. His family all became eligible to upgrade all the lines in their plan. Since Adam's phone is 2 years old and literally a piece of shit, this upgrade came at a nice time, since his mom was going to be getting 5 new, free phones from their cell phone provider when they signed the new contract.

Adam's mom gets all the phones, but since she is in another part of the state than Adam, she decides to ship Adam his phone using UPS, along with some pants and shirts (oh mothers!). She insured the package and opted to have a signature required when the package was received.

Two weeks pass and Adam hasn't received his package. He starts doubting his mom actually mailed it like she said she had. A week later (three weeks since she sent it), it arrives, looking as if it had been opened. When Adam opens his package he finds the pants, the shirt, but no phone. At first he figures his mom forgot to put it in the box. When he calls her, she freaks out and calls UPS.

What happened you ask?
UPS shipped the box to the wrong address. They left the box without requiring a signature. And then the box was returned to them, because it was left at the wrong residence. However, apparently, somewhere between box going to the wrong house and box getting to the right house, the cell phone magically vanished, because cell phones apparently have the capability of disappearing whenever they feel like.

Since the box was insured, UPS agrees to pay Adam's mom $100 for the insured package. $100 is all fine and dandy, but to buy a phone out of contract is about $200-$300. So because UPS failed, Adam will be without a new phone for two more years, until they can have their cell phone carrier comp another phone.
Tags: shipping shenanigans
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