TO RETURN WHAT WAS GIVEN. (our_innocence) wrote in bad_service,

What on Earth?!

I just joined this group a little while ago, hoping that I would only read it to laugh at the sheer stupidity of some people (not the posters, the assholes they had to go against.) I was wrong.

I moved to the states in 99, after an 11 year stint in South Korea. I'm 22 now, and I was 17 when I moved here. I'll admit to having problems becoming accustomed to some aspects of the American civilian culture (I was raised bouncing between a korean village and a military base,) but some things just push the boundries.

I'm not familiar with the bus systems in my area (Maryland, near Baltimore,) but I usually manage it well enough where I don't get lost. Most of the time, the bus drivers are nice. I unfortunately encountered the asshole of the public bus transportation. And how.

I get on the bus, and after having the guy eyeball my college id for about 5 minutes, I pay my fare and get on. Simple enough, right? Wrong. I put my headphones on. Apparently, you're not supposed to wear them, but the asshat had the sign declaring that covered. Then he started screaming at me to take them off, so he could talk to me.

There was a tiny, old Indian lady who got on at a stop that had been moved a few hundred yards away a few weeks ago. The usual bus driver (this guy was filling in) stops for her. This guy totally blows past her until some of the other passengers speak up. He makes her run up the hill, and then proceeds to bitch the poor woman out as she's paying her fare. She obviously speaks little to no English, and you could see tears welling up in her eyes. He then jerks the bus into motion, and I end up falling out of my seat and onto the floor. I cursed softly in korean, as is my habit when I'm startled. He begins interrogating me about what I just said, like I had said some hoodoo curse to make his bits fall off. He then proceeds to spout racist remarks about everyone, especially Jews, Blacks, and Koreans, after I informed him that I was speaking Korean, because I'm half.

I've filled an official complaint, but the bastard is still up and driving. I may have to start walking to school soon.
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