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My lovely SO whisked me away on a trip to Disneyland earlier this month and it was entirely wonderful, except for the hotel B_S.  I have been trying to find the address to send this letter but it seems like HoJo has no headquarters and will only let me email them with my complaint.  I don't want to email them because I would like someone to take my complaint seriously and not just let it sit in a mass email inbox somewhere.  I wote this shortly after we got back from Southern CA and I am still irritated that I cannot send this with any sort of confidence that it will get to the right place. 

"When traveling, I usually look for a Howard Johnson Hotel close to my desired destination, as I have always had good experiences with your locations. Unfortunately, I recently had an unpleasant and costly experience with one of your Buena Park locations.

On Friday, October 10th, 2008, we checked into our room.  The first thing we noticed was that we had requested a room with one large bed and were given two, a queen and a full.  While frustrating, this was not nearly as bad as the condition of the rest of the room.  While I was not expecting it to rival the Four Seasons, I was surprised that there were cobwebs in the corners, leftover food in the refrigerator and a clump of dirt in the mini-kitchen’s sink. 

Upon using the bathroom, I noticed that the mirror was spotted and the tile floor had been walked on by someone with dirty shoes.  I appreciated that there was a small paper ring placed on the toilet to convey its sanitary conditions, but the rest of the bathroom had a layer of dust and/or dirt on the counter and floor.  The towels were carelessly strewn across the top of the shelf and the cleanliness was uncertain, as well.

Also, I do not know the Howard Johnson standards for renovations, but the bathroom was painted in spots, where various fixtures may have been removed, but the holes were not repaired and the paint did not match.  I realize this is minor, but it presents a very sloppy, careless appearance for your hotel. 

The manager, who checked us in when we arrived, was witness to the conversation we had while standing at the front desk.  We booked our stay at the Howard Johnson Hotel because we were told that there were Disneyland tickets available at the front desk.  I also noticed a large 8 1/2x11” sign pasted to the counter, announcing the same.  We were quite thrilled about this, as we would not have to stand in the lines when we arrived at Disneyland the next day.  We commented that we would be back in the morning to get the tickets and left the lobby to make our way to our room.

Saturday morning, we arrive at the front desk and request the advertised Disneyland tickets only to be told, by the manager whom we had spoken to the previous evening, that they were not available.  We ended up spending the next hour trying to obtain Disneyland tickets without standing in the long weekend lines at the front gate, as we are both not in the best health and cannot stand in one place for long periods of time.  We ended up having to pay an extra $10 for each of our tickets.

After checking out Sunday morning, we both commented how surprised we were at the poor conditions and service of this particular location.  I hope, for the sake of your future guests, that the sanitation and customer service standards will be increased.  Unfortunately, we will certainly have to think twice about staying at Howard Johnson Hotels for our next vacation.



SO feels terrible that our hotel ended up being so awful but I would at least like to let someone know!

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