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AAFES Car Car Center Bad Service

A lovely story of bad service from the Always and Forever Exploiting Soldiers Car Care Center in Seoul Republic of Korea.

I have a 150cc motor scooter that requires a battery charge about every six months. I have been in Korea over a year and have taken the SAME battery to the SAME car care center twice to get it charged. They are cheap and fast and it is usually a one day thing. 

Today the hubby and I bought the battery to the car care center to get it charged. The lady tells us that they can not charge a battery that small. 


We tell her that we have bought that exact SAME battery there twice before and have had it charged TWICE before at the same center. She goes back in the back room and talks to someone, comes out and says again that they can not charge a battery that small here. Again my hubby tells her we have had it charged there twice before with no problems at this very center. She still insists that they can't do it and that they have never charged batteries that small there but takes down our information so they can write up a work order for the battery. While we are giving her the information she then tells us that they have TWO battery chargers and the smaller one is broken which is why they can't charge the battery.

So long story short AAFES lady lies to us and keeps us there for over 10 minutes instead of telling us their equipment was broken and directing us to another place we could have the battery charged.


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