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Forever 21...am I just expecting too much?

My sister needed a dress, so we went to the mall. We found our way into Forever 21, which is a store that is cheap, highly disorganized, but has a great deal of variety, and good for clothes that are a one shot deal. Since she only needs this dress for one night for a school trip, it was perfect for us. We find a dress we like...but of course it's the only dress of that kind, and it's not the size we need. So we literally hunt down someone to show us where the dress originated from. We found the dress in clearance, but it wasn't actually on clearance. Boooo! Then my sister goes to try on the dress...and I look into the accessories part of the store for something that would match. I'm gone probably at least 5 minutes and she's still waiting to try on the dress. There's no one back in the fitting rooms, and you need to be let in the doors because they're locked. She couldn't find anyone, except for the person at the register who snapped "Oh there is someone back there!". Leanne is 13, so she's not very assertive, so she just headed back there. She finally tries on the dress, we decide to take it, and walk up to the register. No one is in line, so we're like "Finally we can be out of this miserable store!". There are four people behind the register. They all kind of look at each other, look at us, look back at each other...and three leave, and the last one starts tidying up the area. UM, wtf? Finally she mumbles "I can take you". She doesn't thank us when we leave, or tell us to have a nice day or anything. I know I *look* young, but I'm 20 years old. I'm a seasoned shopper. I hate getting shitty service all the time just because I look young!

Ugh and Hollister? Can you please CHECK your clothes for sensor tags? That same day as the above bad_service was the third time they've forgotten to take off sensors, and the gentlemen at Best Buy found them for me. UGH!

So was I expecting too much?
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