EST. 1986 (andwe_explode) wrote in bad_service,
EST. 1986


Now, all my friends whine about how horrible their Dell computers are, et cetera, but with the three (or is it four? I can't remember) Dell computers we've had, we've been satisfied. With the computer, that is. Their service has always been sucky, from customer service reps treating us like we were stupid when we had a problem ("now t u r n the computer o n. Press the s t a r t button") and their instructions did nothing to fix the problem. Hello, treating me like I'm stupid will NOT make your suggestions suddenly work!

Anyway. Toward the middle of July, I got my Dell Inspiron 8600 in the mail. (Okay, UPS but you know what I mean.) It works great, no complaints. There is a $250 rebate we were supposed to get in the mail shortly thereafter, and we haven't. My dad has called them multiple times to only be told, "It's on its way." Well, yeah, but you told us that in the middle of August and September...I mean, shouldn't it be here by now?

Argh. Frustrated.
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