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Small Pharmacy Suck

I went back home in August to get all my check-ups done because it's near impossible to do it during the school year. I got my new BC script, dropped it off at the pharmacy and promptly forgot about it. My mom calls me at school two weeks later to let me know that CVS called and they kinda want me to get my pills. Well, crap. So I call and explain that I totally forgot and I'm back at school and they can put them back on the shelf or whatever. They laugh, say it happens a lot with college students, thanks for letting them know, it's no problem. So yay, mini problem solved.

Through a crazy series of events that happened because of my checkup, I ended up back at home in early Oct. for an endocrinologist appointment (which spawned a hospital b_s that I keep meaning to post about). I get a script from my endo. and go on my way to CVS to get it filled. On the way there I'm like hey I should see about getting that BC filled too while I'm here. So I go inside, drop off the script and ask about it. The pharmacy tech says yeah, confirms the name of pill and that it's the new prescription (she said "The one you dropped off in August, right? Same pill you've been on for a year?") and tells me 30 minutes, I tell her I'll come back that night.

So, I actually manage to show up this time to pick up my meds but the pharmacist (not a tech, the actual pharmacist) only gives me one, the one from my endo. I tell her I had another one so she starts looking through the bins to see if maybe it's been misplaced. No dice. So she looks on the computer and apparently, I don't have a script for this at all. She can see the one I had last year, but not the new one. I tell her that they've called and left a message for me to pick it up and the tech from earlier confirmed the right one so it can't just not be there anymore. Mini script format ensues.

Her: Oh, well it must have been the new tech who told you that.
Me: No, it was L (long-time pharmacy tech).
Her: Ok. Maybe L just read your script from last year then.
Me: I don't think so. She confirmed that it was dropped off in August -
Her (interrupting): Well the script was for one year so she could have just confused August 07 for August 08.
Me: As I was saying, she confirmed that it was dropped off in August and the previous script was from November 06 through November 07. I didn't get a new script until recently.
Her: Oh.

She does some more searching but can't find anything so she faxes my doctor's office something (I'm not really sure what, I guess a request for a new script) and tells me they'll probably call tomorrow and she'll call me after that to let me know what happened. Ok, fine. I'm a little pissed that they've lost my script and that she argued about it for awhile, but she's doing her best to fix it, so whatever. At this point I already knew that I was going to have to just transfer it to the CVS back at school after everything was cleared because the next day was a Saturday, which is super busy for my doctor's office. Saturday comes and goes, I don't hear anything from them and I leave for school on Sunday.

Over the next 3 weeks I call about 3-4 times (I really didn't need the pills so I wasn't too worried about it) and I get the runaround and when I call my doctor's office they say that CVS hasn't contacted them about anything regarding me. Ok, super annoying but I don't have time to deal with it because I've got tests and papers out the wazoo. I finally had some free time that didn't include cramming or napping so I sign up for the prescription management thing on to see if there's been any progress since the last time I called. Oh, look at that. Not only do they have my prescription there but it also shows that they filled it on Oct. 17, well over two weeks ago. What. The. Fuck. So not only did they not call me when they said they would but they lied at least once when I called to see what was up. What is the point of that?

I don't even know if I should bother to call them about it. I don't really care about them not calling because I understand it can get busy and that'll mostly likely be what they'll tell me anyway. I'm just really annoyed that they lied to me when I took the initiative and actually called them. Sorry for being responsible.

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