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I was taking Metro a few days ago, as I am normally wont to do. It was approximately 10pm, and I was waiting for the second to last bus home from Hollywood. The bus driver was the most psycho employee of anything or anywhere that I have the misfortune of dealing with.

This is more or less copied from the complaint report I sent to the MTA. I deleted the place names though.

So, like I said, I was waiting for the second to last bus out of Hollywood. The bus was scheduled to be at the stop at 9:30, and was approximately 30 minutes late. I boarded at *my stop*, where I was the only passenger.

The operator explained his lateness as traffic, and began to describe in detail how a passenger earlier had made him feel angry by questioning his lateness. He described wanting to "swing her from these monkey bars and smash her teeth in". He was making very obscene comments about his dislike of passengers, "F" this and "F" that. I thought that was rude to be talking to a passenger like that.

Traffic made our drive to the next stop about 10 minutes long. At *next stop*, two men and a lady boarded. These three and I were the only passengers. One man asked why the driver was 40 minutes late. Not rude or accusing, just curious. Driver responded, "You're on the bus now, aren't you?" Man responded, "Excuse me?" Driver, "What the fuck are you complaining about, you're on the bus now." Passenger didn't say anything, driver went on, "Do you wanna get off the bus?" Passenger, "What a stupid question, I just got on the bus, I don't wanna get off!" Driver, "Get off the fucking bus." At this point the bus was still pulled over at *stop*. The driver told the passenger that he was not going to move the bus until the passenger got off it. The driver was standing next to his seat at this point, and he leaned over and switched off the engine and the lights.

The passenger was silent, and the driver got off the bus and went over to some police officers who had been called to the intersection previously for a completely separate reason. He spoke to one of the officers, pointing back at the bus, and the officer shrugged and turned his back. The driver then walked over and stood on the curb, chatting with some pedestrians. After about 10 minutes of being parked at the intersection, the driver came back on the bus and again demanded that the passenger "get off the fucking bus". The passenger refused, asserting that he was a paying customer and had a right to ride the bus to his destination, and said that he had done nothing wrong and was not afraid.

The driver exited the bus again and returned to the curb where he was again talking and smiling with pedestrians. About 30 minutes later (it is now 10:50ish at this point) a sheriff arrives on the scene and talks to the two male passengers outside the back door of the bus. I did not hear the discussion, but the passenger in question did not get back on the bus, the other passenger who was not involved came back on, and the driver finally pulled out and continued his route.

In my email, I suggested to the MTA that this driver suffers from anger problems, otherwise, why would he start talking to someone who had just gotten on the bus about wanting to bash some lady's teeth in? And he called the sheriff to the scene over a simple passenger question, costing time and resources when the officer could have been, I dunno, taking care of real crimes? I told them that if I see that driver again, I will not board, even if the next bus is an hour away, or it is the last bus of the evening. (I can always take the red line, it just
takes longer.)

I also had a connection to make, and if the driver had dawdled any longer, I would have missed the last bus for my connection. And I hate to think of the passengers waiting down the line - this was only at the second stop of the route!
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