City Bird (starsorstreet) wrote in bad_service,
City Bird

Taxi Suck

I called a cab for a job interview 30 minutes before I had to be there. It was a 10 minute drive or less and this company generally arrives at my place within 5 minutes. Their service is crap, but they are lightening fast. I might have been cutting it close, but this was beyond my control for a variety of reasons. I called and my conversation with the dispatcher went as follows:

Me: Hi could I get a cab to 268 This Street?
Her: And you're going?
Me: Blah Industrial Park on Blah street
Her: Ok that will be right away.

15 minutes later no cab. I needed to be on the road by this point so I call back.

Her: Was that 216?
Me: No, 268
Her: I repeated it, you must have misunderstood me
Me: *no you didn't* Ok that's fine. Could I have another right away?

Another cab arrived in about three minutes. Perfect. I give the guy clear instructions: Blah street off of Blah road in the Blah industrial park, 2nd building on the left, Blah business name. Easy, yes? As we were going I repeated this. I have never been to this area before, so when he turned down Blurg road, onto Blurg street and onto another Blurg street it took me a couple minutes to realize we were in the wrong industrial park.

He called the dispatcher (same lady I spoke to earlier oddly) to ask where Blah street was and she gave him the very same directions I had given him. I repeated the second building on the left thing when we got to the correct street... he drives past. I repeat again, politely. He keeps going. Finally he clues in, turns around, and I end up at my appointment 15 minutes late. Luckily the lady I was meeting was understanding as she was a) running late herself b) apparently a lot of other people have trouble locating the place because the roads in the area are poorly signed and their business sign is not very visible.
Tags: taxi/limo/rickshaw

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