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Annoying Calls and one from my company

So I've been getting calls from a local number for about 6 months now. They call at work, in the middle of the night and for all these months, they never left a message. When I did answer, there was silence. I use a phone on a plan my parents are paying for so I was going to try to get this number blocked but got vetoed because they feared we'd have to pay extra for it. So last week this number calls again, and when I answer there's silence and then "HELLO? HELLO?!!?!" *click* So I avoided the number for another week. Today I answered again and it was a woman from the Rocky Mountain Post. She asked me if I was interested in receiving the paper and I said "Not at this time." I heard a "hurmph" before she politely disconnected.

Then for the next three hours straight, I got calls from three different numbers, not local numbers, sometimes leaving messages, sometimes talking to me when I answered. All were trying to get me to sign up for the Rocky Mountain Post. Luckily they eventually stopped but I was a little anxious/panicky there for awhile like WTF?

And one that my company is providing to another. There's a LOT of co_workers_suck entailed in this (more than I'll go into as this is bad_service) and while there's a clear root of the problem we're all responsible and have our own little prolems too.

Basically, we buy, sell and assemble liquidy parts. Anything to get you from tank A to tank B or connections to put it all together, and recently ways to look into the tanks as well. One of the most common things we assemble are hoses. Or we cut tubing to size. This company usually gets a little bit of both, but this time bought a wholllllle buncha hoses. All of which we have to assemble (basically we put on ends and connection pieces that they can't, and sometimes connect the hoses for them). A typical order consists of about 5 hoses, of two or three types. This order was 8 types of hoses and a quantity of 20 each. So we've been working on it since October 5th. Our sales guy G doubles as our assembly guy and I help when I can. I know nothing about making hoses so usually I apply lables and shrink plastic around them to make them liquidy-proof.

G is on vacation this week so he was trying to finish up the last 20 hoses last week. Boss told him that we had more than enough parts for him to assemble with, but on Friday afternoon he ran out of parts. So Boss wrote down our supplier's part number (if we use a part soley for assembly, we don't have it in our system as the individual part) and we were to overnight them to us (on the weekend, overnight = order friday, get it monday). And Boss would finish assembling them this week.

So here's some bad_service on the part of our supplier. They received the order, acknowledged they were overnighting it, and then didn't. We were supposed to get it Monday, but they didn't ship til monday. So we get them today and they're the wrong parts. Boss gave G the wrong number to order so he flipped his lid.

Now as one of the office ladies I take the brunt of some of the angry customer and nasty supplier calls (there are enough great ones though, so this isn't a rant about having to answer the phone). And the office lady for this customer (a pharmeceutical company) has been calling in daily since last week. Each time I have to check with either G or Boss, and relay to her what I'm told. I apologize repeatidly but understandably she's still really upset because we've promised these would ship last week, and keep pushing it back one day at a time. Every day we tell her "they're shipping tomorrow" and we don't ship them to her.

Now that G is on vaca Boss has to do the assemblies, but he hasn't been. Today he was supposed to make a delivery two hours north east of our office and another about an hour away. I normally do deliveries but he had to do sales calls as well and "offered" to take these off my hands. Then he got about three calls from the customer understandably upset (but from what I understand, incredibly professional under the circumstances) and finally decided to do the hoses. Which meant I got to take the deliveries but that's another rant for another community.

Boss made 12 hoses in three hours (which is actually slow. He should've finished all 20 in two hours but he kept complaining about having to do work that is 'beneath [him]'). He apparently finished around 4 while I was out doing the delivery. 4 is when UPS arrives to pick up our outgoing orders for the day. All he had to do was throw the hoses in some boxes with some bubble wrap and ship out what he had finished. Instead he went back up to his office and shut the dor for a few hours apparently just avoiding the world. I got back from the deliveries around 5:30/6pm to find out the hoses still hadn't shipped. I told him that I couldn't do it and he had me find a fedex/kinkos close by that would still take it. So I did and he decided NOT to ship them out tonight. He 'didn't feel like it' so he went home instead.

And, I get to find a nice way to tell the office lady at that company that they AGAIN didn't ship as promised. We are going to lose this company's business and they are one of the last big accounts we have. The other office lady and I did some major *headdesk*ing over this.

tl;dr: We got a big order. Boss says we have parts we don't to assemble it, tells sales guy to order the wrong parts which delays the order more. We promise to ship and never do. Boss doesn't feel like completing the order so he doesn't. All I have to offer the customer is apologies.
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