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Mainly, seems like WTFservice.

Before my shift I went to a different pharmacy to pick up my prescription since the weather was bad and this pharmacy was closer to my work.

The pharmacist seems to grow more and more annoyed with me by the second, even though I'm answering the questions as nicely as possible (what my address is, is this a complete transfer or only once, etc). She she gets even more upset when the customer behind me decides to (I don't know why?) pick up my umbrella and hand it to me, even though I placed it on the floor in front of me to begin with. She then tells me it'll be 15-20 minutes because she has to call for a transfer. I tell her to cancel it, I'll just go to my regular pharmacy (because I didn't have time to wait but whatever). She gives me that ~I don't have time for this~ look and wanders off.

As it turns out, I went back to the pharmacy after my shift (the weather was still horrible so I figured I had time to wait 20 minutes) and was served by someone much more pleasant who did the transfer under 5 minutes. So maybe there was a good reason for telling me it'll take 20 minutes, but what could it be? It was even busier when I went after my shift and that took less than five minutes. :/
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, caution: direct attacks, wank
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