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Nothing bad happens to a writer; It's all material


Hey look, me & the below entry are almost twins! Weird, I posted this without reading that, haha!

Is there any way to remove my private cell number from the big credit collector in the sky?
I wouldn't have a problem if it was my own credit trying to be collected, but it's not.
I keep getting a call for some woman named Erica, & not just about her credit, it's her hair appoints, her gyno, her fucking Red Cross center, & I keep letting everyone know that no, there is no Erica here. No, you can't leave a message, because chances are it's not going to get to her; I don't know her. No, I myself am not Erica, as told by the very dude-like voice on my end of the line. No, you can't try calling back later.
Those are just annoying, but I've told three credit places already that it's the wrong number, please remove me, & I'll get another call 20-30 minutes later from another location but collecting what I assume is the same debt.

Any way to let EVERYONE IN THE LAND, know that I am not this person who keeps getting shitter credit by the minute.....

Tags: phone phun
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