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Removing numbers

I saw another post that inspired me to write about last night.

When I got home at 5pm the phone rang. Before I got to it, there was a hang up. It rang again about 20 minutes later, and when I picked it up it was a woman from an educational information service (I don't even know what that means). I told her --nicely -- that I had no need for these services and please remove my name and number. About 30 minutes later the phone is ringing, but I'm taking care of my dogs and I miss it -- a hang up.

Another 15 minutes later -- different woman, same "service", informed her that no, not interested, and I already asked to have my name removed. She said the list must not have been updated yet. Ok, well update it.

20 minutes later -- they call again and my husband answers, not knowing the back story. HE tells them to remove our number.

For the next two hours, the phone rings about every 15 to 20 minutes. At this point I'm too angry to answer, and every call is a hang up.

At 8:49 the phone rings again and I pick it up. Some guy, same service. I tell him that I've already asked three times to have my number removed and besides, there is NO reason to call someone's house every 15 minutes. He says that oh no, it must be several different companies who have enlisted the educational information service's service, and I have to tell EACH company to remove my number. I basically call bullshit (no, I didn't use the term) since I have done nothing to get on multiple companie's list that I need educational information. I then asked for the address of his company and the company he's calling from.

Click. He hung up on me.
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