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Completely annoying

(My thoughts and editorial comments are in brackets[].)

Yesterday the boyfriend and I were at an auto-parts store to buy parts for the trailer he's refurbishing. While there, he asked the clerks about tires, as the trailer requires special high-load tires not to be found at every tire store.

The clerks recommended a tire store in the next town, one which neither of us is too familiar with. So, we asked where it was in relation to the freeway.

Stoned-looking clerk*: Oh, it's easy to find, it's right next to the Taco Time.
Me (naming one of the few streets I know of in that town): Is it near Lilly Road?
Clerk: No, it's a lot further down, after the Taco Time.
Me again, with another street "a lot further down": Is it close to Sleater-Kinney?
Clerk: Nuh-uh, it's by the Taco Time.
I gave my boyfriend an exasperated glance at this point and he stepped in:
BF: Which freeway exit do you take?
Clerk: 107, [hurray, some actual information!] then you just go until you see [oh god, here it comes] the Taco Time.

At this point we just looked at each other again, thanked them for the recommendation, and left.

On the way out the door my boyfriend told me we'd just look it up in the phone book and I asked him if stoner-boy got a kickback from Taco Time or something.

*He looked as glazed as an Easter ham. Sadly, his alert-looking co-worker didn't know where the store was.
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