shardwolf (shardwolf) wrote in bad_service,

I want to pull my hair out and cry

Hello Everyone!  Long time lurker, first time poster.  i have kinda have had enough and needed to vent

I have mental health services though my state and have been for almost a year now.  Things had gone of for about 6 months and then it all went down hill.  It all started with me calling and never having my calls returned, most of the time these called regarded my medications or other things like that so i became frustrating when i would have to call 3 times.   Then i would go get my meds filled and they pharmacy would tell me how i can only get 1/2 months worth (even though i am supposed to have a full month)  because they changed the way the dosages are.   This is the first major WTF.   They had changed my doctor  with out even calling me and i spent like a week of my meds due to all this craziness.  So then for a while things are ok now fastforward to a few weeks ago, i moved and i found out that the pharmacy i am at does not network so i call them to have the doctor call in my scripts to get them.  Guess what?  they changed it again and i was told that i would not be able to get my more meds until i saw her which was fine except that would not be till the 12th but told me i could be on a list in case they had any cancellations. i ended up being able to see her this thursday.  Then i was told that they would not call them and the pharamcy had to fax them. I had a few go arounds with the pharmacy (which they were really nice no suck all)  and they faxed it in.  so i see the doctor on thursday and see the paper work from the pharmacy in her hands. i ask for just a script and i can do it myself and she just tells me that she will get it faxed.  Fine cool awesome!  i go in today on the way back from breakfast with my dad and low and behold nothing was all.  now i spend an hour on the phone with the "urgent care people"  to try to get some scripts from the on call doc only to be told that i have to ask for samples.  i ask the pharmacy for some but they had no files so they could not give me any.  when i got home i called the pharmacy to aplolgize cuz i was very visibly upset at everything and i wanted them to know it was not them and i felt bad.   

oh and a small suck that kinda is inregards to this.......i set up a service for my motorcycle on thursday and it ended up taking 3 and a 1/2 hours to get i back and almost missed my appointment because the person i set up the appointment with put it in for friday though he did confirm this as thursday.  i olny found out because i got called on friday and the person on the phone was kinda rude about why i was not there and when i explained what happened and apologized for the miscommunication (maybe it might have been on my part idk)  he just kinda was like "ok" and hung up

tl:dr  mental health services make it change my doctors with out telling me and make it difficult to get my drugs,  motorcycle shop mixes up my days for service.
  oh and i apologize about no caps but i did my best on spelling and punctuation but i just wanted to get it off my chest please don't grammer pirate me thank (:
Tags: gram-arrr!

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