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dainty t

Hibachi Japan at Bowie...I hate you

This is going to be short as it happened weeeeeks ago. My mom, sister and I went to Hibachi Japan at Bowie Town Center in Maryland…obviously to order some food. Before hand, my sister went to the atm to get $40 dollars since she literally had no cash on her. Anyway, so after getting the cash from the atm machine she goes to Hibachi and orders her food, I decide not to order but I’m just hanging around waiting for her. Anyway when she orders, they ring her up and she gives them a 20$...

While we were eating she realizes that HEY she gave them a $20 yet they only gave her 4 dollars back and was short of 10 dollars. They didn’t give her a receipt which is annoying, but whatever. She goes back to the cashier to get her receipt plus lets them know she gave them a $20 but they insist that she gave them a $10. So they’re going back and forth and my sister as short tempered as she, blows up and gets really angry. They finally go through the machine and get her receipt….
Okay so it’s definitely hers as it’s around the time she went to order plus it was the amount the food costs, but one problem, it says she gave $10. So I tell her to forget about it as there’s nothing we can do because the receipt says otherwise, even though I KNOW she gave them a $20 but hey what can we do! She sweaaaaars though and she asks to see the manager. The manager Dude who I thought was the manager seems to sympathize so he helps us out and tells us that if they’re over at the end of the day, that he will let her know and she can come back to get the $10 dollars. So he decides to give her his the manager's contact number at his office and tells her to ask for…well I can’t remember his name so lets just say “Bob Henson”.

The next day my sister calls and asks for “Bob Henson”………

“I’m sorry but there’s no one here by that name”

Okay WHAT THE FUCK. Either they (the office she called) were lying to her or he fucking gave her a fake name, plus a fake number. FUCKING HELL. Haha I seriously could care less about the ten, but don’t fucking lie to us when you’re promising to help us out. Seriously that is bad service and because of that I seriously believe they fucking knew we gave them a $20 but they just didn’t want to budge because they’re cheaters.
Til this day I never acknowledge them, every time one of their employees tries to get our attention for a sample I just want to yell “DON’T EVEN BOTHER”. Oh and my sister won’t even go to the food court there anymore because if she knows she will cuss them out.

Ugh it’s one thing if we were in the wrong but just….just don’t lie to customers.

Oh and my mom did complain to the town center about this but so far, nothing.

EDIT: Ugh so I called my mom about it and I knew I would get things mixed up.

The guy who gave us the number wasn't the manager but he gave us the number to his manager in NY (not Philly like I thought it was). Which would make sense why HE would lie so yeah he wasn't the actual manager. Still pissed at them.

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