Zylana (rona_dolvi) wrote in bad_service,

I don't know who this is...

But to Willy Anderson and Justin Elkens...

This company has been trying to collect a debt from you for a year now. They call me about once a month, with their automated telephone messages, and their too cheerful computer lady voice.

It is really bothersome. I have now called eight times, telling them that neither of you men are =here=. And now that makes EIGHT TIMES, that they have 'fully removed my number.' Now, for a month or two there, they were calling three or four times a week, but thankfully that has stopped.

So today, I called and talked to the supervisor. She wasn't helpful at all.

First, she asked me if 'This number XXX-XXX-XXXX (mine) was the one they were calling, FIVE TIMES, throughout our conversation. I told her yes. She kept asking me if I knew Willy, and no, I don't! That's why I'm calling.

But to make matters worse, she went to go see if anyone had called my number recently... and hung up on me.

YES! SHE HUNG UP ON ME! *seething*

I called back, and talked to Beverly. Just a regular employee trying to earn a decent living. Maybe Beverly has kids, maybe she's trying to survive in this bad economy. I don't know. It's not her fault I'm getting calls as early as eight in the morning when I work evenings and nights. She 'removed my number' from the account.

Now, to wait a month and have them call me yet again...

I don't even know what this company is! I just know it's a debt collection attempt. I swear I am going to hear that woman in my sleep!!! Automated system... lull me to slumber...
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