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Sprint: We don't give a damn about you!

I'm a hearing-impaired user who wants to buy a 650 online and who is an existing Sprint customer who is eligible for the upgrade discount. Yet I can't order the 650 via Sprint's online store (it is still stuck on the 600). Nice. I can buy outdated equipment but not the equipment I actually want. I have a bad feeling about this ...

So I write to Sprint to complain. Their reply:
"Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience faced by you, while trying to order the desired phone online.

The PCS Phone by Treo 650 is available on a limited scale. Therefore, it has been restricted for sale to a single sales channel only.

It can be ordered through our TeleSales department. I would request you to call any of your authorized representative, to order the phone on your behalf. Please ask them to call 1-800-480-4727 to order the phone."
What part of HEARING-IMPAIRED did they not understand ??? I specifically told them that being forced to deal with phone ordering is UNACCEPTABLE. And they do what? Tell me to CALL THEIR SALES DEPARTMENT or CALL SOMEONE ELSE! That sound you hear is me beating my head against my desk at the incredible stupidity and lack of caring on display here.

Thank god my contract was up over a year ago. If the GSM version of this phone proves to be hearing-aid compatible I'm jumping ship and buying it from Cingular who will also hopefully not mess up the Bluetooth part of the phone to allow me to use my Mac's visual-call-alert feature as well as use the handsfree part of the Audi A3 Sportback I plan to buy next year when that becomes available in the US.

Thanks, Sprint. You just convinced me that another phone provider is better for me than you. I understand that Cingular gets stellar customer service ratings from a lot more people than you do. When I leave, I'm going to tell you exactly WHY I left. And tell you that you need to get your shit together real fast.
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