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First post; really need to rant. I'm pretty sure this fits in here, if lies and (somewhat) theft count under bad service.

Dear Dell CS,

You fucking suck. Thanks for telling my mom that you could post date that payment by ten days; it's pretty obvious to us now that you had no fucking ability to make that change yourself, and either lied to make her go away or were too fucking lazy to tell the people that could make that change.

The 140 overdraft fee on her account was a wonderful surprise. Thanks for taking the early payment out of an empty account, 'cause it's not like we're living paycheck to paycheck like almost everyone else and need that fucking money you assholes.

Oh, and the two hour runaround when she tried to find out WTF had happened? Fucking amazing. Nothing like telling customers to call non-working numbers and refusing to let them speak to a supervisor.

No fucking love,

p.s. also, big thanks for making both my parents cry when they realized I would have to pay some of the bills to make sure we could make it. Yeah, I'm eighteen and perfectly capable, but they have guilt attacks every time I have to pay for something because they can't.

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