j. aubrey // unrepentant xigbar/vexen fan (admiral_chowder) wrote in bad_service,
j. aubrey // unrepentant xigbar/vexen fan

How's the air down there?

I'm not sure how much this is bad_service, and how much it's ew_gross, service_wtf, and health_code_violation. Or whether I'm just frickin' picky about my food and don't want weird shit in it. It's certainly not a horror story like many accounts here, but it's still pretty gross, at least to me.

My university has a lovely little dining area called the Commons. It has Pizza Hut food, but also a custom sandwich bar and another bar where you can mix your own salad and they will toss it for you. I've never had issues at the sandwich portion, and I used to have no issues at the salad bar.

Until they hired this one guy. He's nice enough, but he has one INTENSELY BAD HABIT that I simply cannot tolerate anymore, especially when I'm shelling out $6+ for one salad: he never wears gloves, and his hands usually end up coming into direct contact with fresh food.

The first day I saw him, I was in another line. He dropped some sort of fresh food item on the floor, picked it up and threw it away (putting his entire hand into the trash can) and then started making some girl's salad. He was barehanded the entire time. Today when I went through his line, he was similarly barehanded. (He also tends to use tongs for the different ingredient containers interchangeably, which isn't gross per se, but what about allergies and so on?)

The people over in the sandwich line always seem to have gloves on, which is good since they're supposed to be touching your food directly. But isn't there some sort of requirement for all people who work in food service and who handle the food itself to wear gloves?

So, is this (minor) B_S, or am I just whiny? And who would I report this to? His supervisor, the health department, what? If everything were pre-wrapped I could care less, but on a college campus, a hotbed of infectious diseases and grime... The guy doesn't have attitude problems or anything, but I really don't want some random person's hair/skin flakes/germs/DIRT FROM THE FLOOR in my food! *misses the old salad guy who was always cheerful and nice and wore gloves and looked kinda like a young Barack Obama*
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