Cogito Eggo Sum (the_ayin) wrote in bad_service,
Cogito Eggo Sum

Okay, I was rescuing a dog that had just been hit be a car, and was bitten in the process. This happened October 9, 2007. Since then the following has happened.

1) Animal control loses dog's body.

2) I am forced to receive rabies shots

3) The dog' body is found, having been mislabeled as a grizzly bear. A dent the size and shape of my forehead has begun to form on my desk.

4) I am billed $5000 for the rabies shot and ER visit.

5) I am told that my insurance has paid off everything, and am allowed to just give my copay.

6) I continue to receive bills. I call in, concerned, only to be assured that the bills are a clerical error.

7) the hospital calls me in June of '08, telling me that I am about to be sent to collections for the "clerical errors."

8) I fork over an additional $60, not wanting the hassle of contesting the bills in court. I am told that all debts are at this point satisfied.

9) At the beginning of this October, I am sent a notice that I have a $1000 bill which has just been sent to collections. Which I never received. And which was apparently never sent to my insurance (it is now too late.)

*sigh* So now I get to go over to the hospital and explain the law to them which states that they have to bill me in a timely manner. Following this, I will probably have to go to court to get the bill removed.
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