Icarus (little_luna_cat) wrote in bad_service,

I just want to park :(

I live in the heart of downtown. Which, as anyone who has lived in a large city knows, means limited parking. But lucky for us, they've set up "resident areas", where you can get a pass from the city and park in certain areas without being subject to the time limits (2 hour parking, etc). The front of my building is all parking meters, there's 2 or 3 open spots on the side of the building, and the entire back of my building is one of those "resident areas".

I've lived in this building for a few months but hadn't yet gotten a pass (the transportation office usually closes before I can get to it), but I had the afternoon off for another errand, so I figured I would finally head down and get it. I looked over my lease (which said nothing about parking), checked the website for the transportation department (which told me to come down to see if I would be eligible for a parking pass), and headed down with car registration in hand.

The lady that I spoke with at the office asked for my address. After looking through her database, she decided that I wasn't eligible for a pass. So I said, just making small talk, "Really? That stinks. All we have around our building are parking meters and like two spots on the side"

At this point she snatched the lease out of my hand and started going through it, while asking me "are you sure there's nothing in here about being able to buy parking? Or them having a lot?", to which I said I wasn't sure.

Now she started jabbing at my lease, saying "where, WHERE does it talk about parking?", and again, I said I didn't know. I had looked over my lease, but I didn't have it memorized.

Sneering at me, she said "so is it that they don't have parking, or that they gave out too many spots? Is THAT it?". This she said as an accusation at me, and I told her I had no idea.

"So what you're telling me is that you haven't read your lease? Is that what you're telling me here? That you haven't even READ it?"

And all this she said while advancing towards me, still jabbing her finger into my lease for some reason.

Now I'd had enough.

"Excuse me?"

She finally looked up from my lease at this point and saw the displeased look on my face, and suddenly her tone was different.

"We can't offer you a pass."

I politely asked for my lease back, and for the name of her supervisor, which she told me she "didn't know". Which is fine, because I found it through their website. I plan on writing an email soon.

I can understand that you can't give me a pass, because that's just doing your job. But the attitude was unnecessary.
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