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So, usually my dealings with AT&T are fine, they are my ISP and I rarely have trouble with my internet connection being down but when I do, I call them and can usually get it squared away within the hour. Now, this account was started when my brother lived with us (a couple years ago), we never changed the name on the account and instead simply changed the credit card on the account from his to mine. Like I said, I hardly ever have to call so it didn't seem like a big deal. He gave me all the pertinent info so if I ever had to call I could authorize the account.

The other day the internet goes down, I try trouble-shooting myself but can't get it to work. I call in and speak to tech support, they ask me where my brother was born, I answer and everything is dandy and they can speak to me about the account, they tell me the billing department has turned the DSL off, there is no reason listed. Since the payments are automatically deducted from my checking accounts I know there hasn't been any payments missed. They tell me to call Billing next morning.

Next morning I get on the horn with the Billing Dept, they again ask where my brother was born and I answer again and explain the problem. They tell me they don't know why the DSL was turned off, just that it was turned off and they apologize for the inconvenience,blah blah. They say they can put in a request to get it turned off but that I will need to call back in an hour to speak to tech support to have it "expedited", I'm kind of peeved at this point because if the DSL was turned off for no fault of mine, I don't see why I have to call AGAIN and wait on hold to speak to someone again to get it turned back on. As I'm in the middle of explaining this to the rep, the call drops. ARGH. I call back and immediately ask to speak to a supervisor. The rep asks for the last four of my social, I explain that I am usually asked to provide the place of birth, she says that no, they never do that. I try to get the info from my mom, who happens to be home but she doesn't know and the rep puts me through to the supervisor anyway.

Supervisor gets on the line and asks me the name on the account, which apparently has now been changed to my mother's name. He asks again for the social and I explain that I don't have that but can get it (as my mom is in the other room), as I'm walking up the stairs I say "Y'know it's pretty funny that I was just in the middle of a 15 minute call with someone who never once asked for this information and--" he interrupts me and starts talking over me about how they need to authorize the account and blah blah blah. I said "Excuse me, could you please not interrupt me?" He replies that he's just letting me know that they have procedures, I explain to him that I was in the middle of talking and as a supervisor he should at least know to let someone finish their statement before just talking over them like that. His response? "Have a nice day, ma'am. *Click*"

Ok, was I pissed? Yes. Was I belligerent or abusive? No. Did I do anything to deserve getting hung up on? No. I work in a call-center, I'm sure these people take their fair share of abuse so I know not to take my frustrations with the company out on them, however, I don't think that means I can't voice my opinion on some people apparently following procedure and others not. I wasn't dropping F-bombs, I wasn't screaming or insulting him. Furthermore, when I do voice my opinion I think it's completely unprofessional for a supervisor to interrupt me. I wasn't talking for more than 5 seconds before he just started blabbing over me and then to hang up?? I am beyond pissed!

On a good note, the original rep I was speaking to called me back and got the internet turned back on the same day. He apologized for the supervisor and said there were no notes on the account as to who I spoke to (surprise, surprise!) but he would put in a request for a trace to try and get that info and lodge a complaint about whoever I spoke to.

tl;dr: AT&T turns my internet off for no reason, I speak to a supervisor who interrupts me and when I call him on it he hangs up on me.
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