Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Three THREE sucks in one!

So my adorable almost 2 year old has learned to climb out of her crib. To stop that we decided to buy a crib tent.
I call Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot to see if they have them. I'm told no. After searching all over town I'm by there and decided to see anyway. AHAHA a whole shelf of them. it's $20 more than I can buy it online but I can have it now, so I get it.
I get it home, it smells like smoke and is missing pieces. I call to tell them I'm coming back and to please hold one at the desk for me (so I don't have to haul a toddler through the store). When I got there I told them WHY I was returning it.
A week later my crib tent frays apart at one of the seams (it's nylon so they obviously didn't give it enough seam allowance) this is a manufacturer error not a problem on Burlington's part but I call to make sure I can return it to them, sure no problem. I go back, get the last one the have on the shelf. The box is taped shut. I asked to open it before I took it. HEY it's the one I returned that smelled like smoke and had missing pieces! I told the manager flat out that I couldn't believe they would put that back on the shelf.
They have no more and it'll be 14 - 21 days for more to come in. I just ordered it for $20 less online, I'll probably still get it faster.
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