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You may ask what happened, but that doesn't mean I'll answer...correctly.

More amused than actually annoyed. But still it was bad service..or manners. They kind of go hand in hand.

Let me explain something before i start though. I have some scarring on my arms that stand out quite brilliantly. Nothing short of surgery will ever fix this. I am slowly learning to live with said scars and cope as well as I can. But sometimes when people ask me what happened, I can't help but be unusually cruel. Especially when they make a show of it.

I love nosey people. I really do. Especially when I'm on the ball and looking for someone to harass for their stupidity. Case in point.

*Scene is at K-Mart. We're checking out, chubby little checker happily checking our items out. My mother and two children are with me, as well as a store crowded with holiday shoppers.*

*Cashier spotting the scars on my arms* Oh my god! Did you get into poison ivy or something?! *This of course being loud enough to be heard up at the service desk..some six cashier stalls down*

*Me looking up confused for a moment then look at my arms.* Oh no.. not from poison ivy.

*Mom looking rather embarassed FOR me looks like she's about to speak*

*The cashier gasps again and of course speaks loudy* NOT from Poison Ivy!? What's wrong with your arms!?

*By now I'm getting annoyed, yet amused, because here I am formulating an idea* No, not from poison Ivy.. I was bitten by tiny little insects.. from a place called NOYGDB.

*mom Looks at me perplexed and confused*

*Girl stares at me* Where's that?

*Me* Its a magical land..its short for None of your god damn business.

*Cashier resumes checking us out.. without another effing word*

Something tells me that she embarassed herself more than she embarassed me.

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