Sir Hokus of Pokes (judd) wrote in bad_service,
Sir Hokus of Pokes

So I'm walking around with my friend in downtown Fredericksburg (VA) yesterday, when we see an antique shop that has a huge pile of Star Wars action figures in the window, and being the mega geek I am, I obv. have to go look at them. We go in, and there's nobody there except a cranky looking old man reading a paper behind the counter.

We start looking around, and after about three minutes, he barks at us "Can I help you with anything?" I wasn't sure if he was actually angry or just had an angry old man voice, so we both say "No, thanks" and keep looking around. We make our way around the back of the store and find a bunch of old McDonald's toys, so we're talking about the ones we remember from way back int he day, etc. Then we make our way up to the other side of the front, and are close to the door looking at a table of pipes when he slams his paper down and yells "WELL I HOPE YOU'RE HAVING FUN, PLAYING AROUND WHEN YOU'RE NOT GONNA BUY ANYTHING, WASTIN' MY TIME." We look at each other and just say "Uh, okay then," and walk out. As I come out the door, I hear him mutter "Fuckin' kids."

What the fuck? Isn't the point of an antique store to look at the merchandise? If he was going to be all crotchety, he shouldn't have even opened his store yesterday at all. The best part is we were actually thinking about buying a few of his old magazines, but we sure as hell weren't going to after his little outburst.

Thankfully, the people at the rest of the shops we went to were friendly and nice, so the day wasn't totally ruined.
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