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We drove up to the mountains for the afternoon and on the way back, stopped in a city about an hour from where we live, where we stopped for dinner at a KFC.

It was me, my room mate, and our mutual friend. We'd been in the car for a while and while we were hiking, I'd drank a lot of water...

So we went inside to order, use the rest room, and eat. The line was short and once we were done, I made a bee line for the restrooms... which were locked. There was a sign that said something along the lines of "Please Leave Key In Door", but there was no key to be seen. Alrighty. I went back up to the registers, [in line and everything, trying not to be rude], and asked the cashier if she could open the bathrooms for me. She said she'd have to find the store keys and turned to the people waiting behind me and continued taking orders.

I was doing THE dance by that point. You know the dance. And I was very :[ about it, but I didn't say anything, stood to the side with my room mate and friend and waited for the cashier to finish taking the orders of the two other customers.

Then the cashier disappeared for a while. She came out finally... I guess about ten or so minutes later? And used a big key ring to open the womens rest room for me. While holding the door open, she told me there was a key somewhere in the bathroom and that I needed to find it and put it back into the key hole on the outside of the door? Her tone was really.. unpleasant.

Then she unlocked the men's room, turned to my female friend, and told her to go into the men's room, find the key, and put it back into the key hole on the outside of the men's room D:

There weren't any customers at her till at that point either. She was just kind of rude and snotty acting.

When I was done in the rest room, my friend and I sat down while my room mate idled around the pick up area waiting for our food. The cashier put a bag down and walked away. My room mate checked the bag, the cashier turned around, and yelled at her, (loud enough that my friend and I could hear and we were in the back booth), that that bag wasn't hers, it was the woman's who'd been behind us.

The next bag was for the guy who was behind THAT woman, and when my room mate briefly started to check this bag, (because the cashier never said who's it was, just dropped it and moved to lean back against the counter again), the cashier felt the need to add that "That's not yours, it has cookies. The cookies are RIGHT THERE. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THE COOKIES" then laugh at my room mate.

Um. Our food finally came, but it took forty minutes. Forty. Minutes. My friend and I were in the back booth talking and my room mate was seething too badly to complain about the time.

And you know what we ordered? Two sides, (mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese), and three biscuits.That's it.


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