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Tulane University Hospital scam artists extraordinaire

II apologize in advance if the entire post is posted in the link to the cut. For some ungodly reason I'm unable to avoid this lately. I live in New Orleans, and recently went to the Tulane University Hospital clinic for some basic maintenance. I had ONE procedure, which was fully covered by my insurance, done. When I arrived I was told that I wasn't going to be allowed into Xray....or even shown where it was...until I'd paid my $25 copay. I didn't HAVE a $25 copay, but since they were refusing to do the procedure, I paid them the money and figured I'd contact my insurance people about it when I got home. All went well until a few days later when I got a call regarding my $1,479 bill. I told them it was covered by my insurance, and they claimed they did not have my insurance information. I gave it to them again. Lather, rinse, repeat over the next several days until I told them I was never under any circumstances giving it to them again, and if they chose not to enter it then they would never get paid. Period. They suddenly figured out how to save it. Several days later I got a bill in the mail for $889.90, my "share" of the cost. I called, explained  that the procedure was fully covered, yada yada. They said all was well. The following week I got another bill for $479. My share of the cost. More time on the phone. A day or so later I got another bill for $18.89, supposedly my copay. I called and they told me that that was MY SHARE of the copay! Excuse me? How can you have to pay a share of a copay? If I already paid $25 why do they want me to pay another "share" of that? More time on the phone. Several days later I got another bill for $401, my share of the cost of the procedure. My phone call this time was met with an offer of an itemized bill. I told them I already had several itemized bills, all different, and all for the same procedure which was fully covered by my health insurance. They offered me an itemized bill. Robots? Nothing I said made any difference. "We will send you an itemized bill." Around this time I got a notice from my insurance company that they had been billed $18.80 extra for the procedure and that I was responsible for paying it. I called them....they said they'd received that billing after having paid for the procedure, I explained what had been going on and they waved the $18.80 and wished me luck. I've just received mail from Tulane and quite honestly I'm afraid to open it. I've already gotten several letters from different collection agencies, all trying to collect EACH ONE OF THE DIFFERING AMOUNTS! Each different agency is trying to collect multiple amounts for the same fully covered procedure. I don't even know. Avoid Tulane .
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