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Bad Service at Shoe Pavilion

My mum and I were in the mall today, and we saw a Shoe Pavilion that was going out of sale (40%-60% and even more off heck yes!!!). The store was an absolute war zone, with shoes mismatched and on the floor, on tables, everywhere but she saw a pair of running shoes she really liked, they were comfortable, and under the 60% off sign, but there was no box and no marked sticker price, there was however a bar code on a tag (the shoes were held together by one of those annoying plastic things), so I went to the cashier to ask the price.

Me: Hi, can I have the price of these please?
Him: You need a box.
Me: Uhm, there were no boxes, I got it from the shelf on the right over there *points*
Him: Well I can't scan it with out a box.
Me: Well, uhm, I can't buy them if I don't know the price, would the bar code work?
Him: There's NO bar code (he said this, in such a pissy voice)
Me: What's this on the tag?

He scans it and it doesn't work.
Him: "I told you you need a box" (in yet another pissy tone)
Me: Well....can you....get me the box I don't know where it would be.

So he goes off to the left of the store, even though I told him I found the shoes on the right, walks around for a few minutes and he didn't seem to be looking down at the boxes and then he comes back shrugging so I had to take him to the general area where I found the shoes. He looks around for a few minutes and finds the box, under a display with heels on them, because yeah - thats where I look if I'm looking for a box for running shoes.

The rest of the transaction wasn't so bad (and my mum ended up getting the $60 shoes for $20) , but his voice and reluctance to do anything at the beginning really bugged me. I understand that the economy sucks and you're probably losing your job, and seeing people be all smiles about saving so much money is probably depressing, and yeah overall it just sucks to be you, but until your last paycheck you're still an employee so start acting like one please :)
Tags: lazy worker
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