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Slow Fast Food?

 I don't normally eat fast food, because it's kind of disgusting, but seeing as everyone was getting it for dinner tonight, I went with to get it, since I needed something at AC Moore nearby.

 So we go to AC Moore, I get what I needed, and we go to Burger King. We order our food (which takes forever because of my uncle being a slow orderer for some reason) and we pull up to the window, pay, and wait for our food. We wait ten minutes before she asks us to pull up to the trash can so she can get the people's money who are behind us. So we pull up. We wait about twenty more minutes before we get our food, which of course, isn't right. So my uncle goes inside because the girl who brought out our food refuses to go back inside and get what she forgot (which was especially annoying because she's a friend of mine).

 So we got our food. Nothing horrible, but it just took a ridiculously long time for fast food, especially the drive through. It wouldn't have been as bad if they were backed up for people walking in to order, too, but they got their food almost immediately.

Are all burger kings like this or is it just us?
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