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I cannot believe what I just heard... literally, wow.

so not more than 10 minutes ago, I called Apple because I was having a new issue with my older generation iPhone. once I updated the software on it, a new issue started happening. I'd be sitting here and my phone would ring. the screen would flash once and then black out, giving me no way to answer the phone. even if I pressed the button ontop of the phone and/or the home key - nothing. the phone would still be vibrating, the call obviously coming through - and when the phone would finally light up again, it would say I had a missed call.

so I call into Apple and get a technical support representative.. the conversation goes as follows.

*I explain the issue above*
Rep = "do you have a case on the phone? lately we've had an issue with the older phones blacking out while they have a case on them that is built for the new 3g iPhone"

Me = "yes I have a case. wow I never thought that could be the issue. I've had a new case on my phone for about 3 weeks, but this has only been happening since I updated the software about a week ago."

Rep = "well why don't you take off the case and mess around with the phone and I'll wait while you do that"

Me = "Ok" *takes off the case, makes convesation while doing so* "it's funny you mention the case, because it's brand new so I'm assuming it IS built for the 3g. that's weird"

Rep = "Why don't you just stop talking, and do what I say"

Me = "....... EXCUSE ME???"

Rep = *3 seconds of silence, then a click. she hung up*

I was livid. I've done telecommunication customer service, technical support, and sales. we all need to let out a little steam when customers are being wanks, but I was being SO nice to this lady - just making casual conversation to fill dead air while I played with my phone. I called back immediately and spoke to a manager. they told me she didn't notate my account, thus they have no way of tracking her. I still filed the complaint and agreed to live with my phone case-free for a few days to see if the problem still happens.

if you have to have such negative thoughts toward a customer who didn't do anything or say anything wrong, at least learn how to use your mute button properly.
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