When earth's foundations fled (yasaiya) wrote in bad_service,
When earth's foundations fled

It's here!

As continued from this post I called corporate to find out where my book was. I was told that the book probably wasn't going to be delivered and I could cancel. I had meant to go to the store and cancel but it kept slipping my mind until last night when I got a phone call from the original store. Turns out the book had finally arrived!

I went in this morning to get it and the cashier who had scolded me for not having a receipt saw me and asked another cashier to take over for her. I'm just happy to finally have my book but there was a paper inside it saying the book had arrived on Wednesday night and I hadn't gotten a call until 9:00pm Friday that it was in the store.

:D But I have my book now!

Tags: follow-up, resolution
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