They Neither Toil Nor Spin (ofthefield) wrote in bad_service,
They Neither Toil Nor Spin

Perkins and the nastiest waffle in...ever

I go to Perkins and get a waffle with a side of bacon because waffle plus butter plus bacon = cholesterolic heaven.

So I butter my waffle and go to lick the knife (I never said I was all class,k) and the butter tastes like...

...rotten fish.

Ugh. Sometimes I am oversensitive so I swish some water in my mouth and cleanse my palate and taste a little MORE of the butter and it still tastes like...

rotten fish.

So when the waitress comes back to check, I tell her the waffle is great but the butter is off. She argues with me a little bit (whatever, I know people scam them all the time) but brings me another waffle with the butter on the side.

I make my partner taste the new butter and he RETCHES. It is really, really off.

I eat my waffle without butter, whatever. She walks by again and asks me if the waffle is good. So I say "No, actually, the butter is off. I don't want a free waffle, I ate it, I'll pay for it, but you need to know that the butter is bad."

She got super pissed and was arguing with me right in front of these old ladies. I felt bad telling her again and again that the butter was really nasty in front of other customers, because I'm sure it's not typical of the restaurant, but she keeps arguing with me.

She didn't apologize at all which pissed me off. I know it's not her fault and I don't expect her to grovel but a simple "oh, no, sorry" wouldn't have been difficult, would it?

She then told me it's the same butter they always buy from the same people. NOT THE POINT. The butter was rancid. Meaning it's been out too long or their fridge is the wrong temp or whatever. They really need to know before they make someone SICK. But she would not acknowledge it at all.

So I had to go snag someone ELSE and tell them that the butter was rancid and they needed to throw it out. That woman was really concerned, actually apologized, and went back to the kitchen to tell the cooks. If I hadn't told a second person, would they have just kept serving it because one person wanted to be stubborn?

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