Catie (indicinderelly) wrote in bad_service,

Back in June or July, we had a hail storm which damaged our roof (top layer is sheet metal). The next day there was an insurance agent at the door who said he could get the insurance company to cover it completely, including supplies and labor, so my dad held on to his card. Couple days later he decides to call the agent, and within a week or so I guess he had an agreement with the insurance company and some contractors.

Basically, the supplies were delievered a couple months ago and those delivering them were instructed to put them in the back. I came home from work that day to find them blocking my garage door, and part of my drive way. When we called, we were told the delivery service was separate from the contractors and they were not responsible, so no one was going to move it. The contractors were supposed to arrive the next day to fix the roof so I figured parking out back for one day was not a big deal.

Except they didn't show up. We tried calling for a week and we didn't hear from them again til the end of that month. No one apologized. Their attitude was "oh haha just kidding we meant we were coming on September 1, not August 20. So...okay. Whatever. Now they're coming on the following monday.

Only no one came. And it was a tireing charade of "We're coming tomorrow. It will take only the one day." "It's 9am. Where are you?" "On our way!" "It's 10am where are you?" "We're coming tomorrow". Rinse, Lather, Repeat. For a month and a half.

They didn't show up yesterday, and wouldn't answer any phone calls. But, someone showed up at the door last night at about 8pm, and said he had to put some permits up in the window because the roofers were coming by in the morning. So he put them up on the outside of the window, and spent about ten minutes checking out the material still in the driveway. I thought maybe he was one of the roofers, but the way he was pulling at some of it I thought he was going to take it.

So this morning at 6:45 am I hear card doors slam, and WOMP-BAM, WOMP-BAM, WOMP-BAM of ladders hitting the side of the house, and of course, every little thing they do on the roof. 6:45 am. The sun was barely up. BARELY. I usually have to get up at 4am during the week for work and typically try to sleep past 7am on weekends. And I usually try to let the dog out before people get here, because he's still in training. They also blocked my car in and the one guy I talked to about it said "Ha. Good luck getting them to move out of your way" leaving me to believe I'm blocked in until they decide to go home. They're also throwing all their coffee cups and napkins and such in the yard.

I guess my question is...6:45 am on a Saturday? Who does that? Is this fairly typical and I'm just out of the loop or is this as crazy as it sounds?
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