hideous_charm (hideous_charm) wrote in bad_service,

Please just lose the attitude...

Ugh, I dont smoke, I want to make the clear now. So I don't really understand any of the basics to buying cigerettes, well, my dad does smoke. So from time to time I have to pick him up a pack.

This time I took him to the store with me and we bought a buy one get on free thing of cigerettes. Well the last time we bought them it came to like $5.84, so I automatically ask for the same thing as I see them on the shelf. The guy behind the counter grabs them tosses them on the counter and rings them up, they total 7.07 this time...
I was confused and thought maybe I made a mistake on the price from the last time, my fault I understand that is MY fault. I paid it, also MY fault, I'm not trying to blame the guy for my ignorance.
well I ask my dad when we get outside, "wasn't it cheaper last time?"
he asked me how much it was and I told him and freaked out cause he's just like, "its a buy one get one free deal, no pack of cigerettes if 7.07 on its own!"
so we go back in, and ask the guy he shrugs at us and this is what bothered me and why I'm posting this, this guy has the worst attitude I've ever seen, he goes, "you save a dollar!" in this sarcastic tone.
(again it was my fault I paid for them, thats fine I've got nothing against his company policies I know how it is to be in the boat, but he doesn't have to be a jerk and talk down to us either.)
My dad tries to hand them back and says, "then we dont want them."
the guy shoved the cigerettes back and goes, "We DONT DO refunds."
my dads pissed, but I get him out of the store finally. and just accept my mistake in paying for it but I do not intend to go there again while he's working. Because it seems kind of suspecious that just a couple days earlier i could get those for $5.84, now they're $7.07? and I mean it says on the package, buy one get on free, that is NOT buy one get on free, thats buy one and 3/4, get the last 1/4 free. heck for that dollar more I could have gotten a buy two get one free box.
and whats worse the last time I was in there when that particulatly employee was working, we asked if they had any deals and he shrugged and told us 'i dont know' again with an attitude like we were wasting his time.

thats what really gets me, is his attitude, I dont like being treated like I'm imposing on an employee by daring to try and buy something and potentially ask a few questions. and heck if he had just treated me like a human being I probably wouldnt have taken a vow of never returning to that store again, even though it still seems weird that the price on the buy one get one free is screwed up...
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