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Perkins Suck-age

So, last week my boyfriend and I were driving through Kansas City.  We'd been on a really long car trip (he had an interview way out in Kansas and we were on our way back to the mid-MO area) and were hungry and had to use the bathroom.  We pulled off the highway onto State Ave. and after driving up and down for a while, decided to stop at Perkins.

Well, we got in there and were seated.  I'd like to point out at this time there were three other tables in the entire restaurant occupied.  I ran off to the restroom and came back.  The waitress came over and asked us what we'd like to drink, and we both asked for water.  She came back with our water and asked if we were ready to order.  "Can we have a little more time, please?" boyfriend asks.  Sure.  We got two minutes.  And then we got another two minutes when we still needed more time, 'cause we'd never been there before.  Well, okay, we'll just hurry up and pick something then since she's in such a hurry. 

We ordered an appetizer and our meals, and sat around waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

After literally (we were counting) thirty-seven minutes later, we still didn't have our appetizer, and we still didn't have any food, and my cup had been empty for a whole half an hour.  In the meantime, our waitress has been to both of her other tables twice and made a point of being very personable and friendly with the other patrons.  And completely ignoring us.  Boyfriend says "If we still don't have our food after fifty minutes, we're leaving."

So finally the only other waitress is walking by, she smiled at me.  I kind of tried to smile, but it wasn't working. 

"Can I get you anything?"

Boyfriend promplty asks "Well, yes, can we get some water, please?"  Other Waitress gets our water, the brings out THE WRONG APPETIZER.  Not only was it the wrong appetizer, it was COLD.  It had been just SITTING there!  So the manager came over and apologized profusely and offered to comp our appetizer.  She sent our original waitress over, who made a huge display of giving us the Most Fake Apology Ever, and walking off without giving us any water.  Again.  We were nothing but polite to her but I guess we were lowly dirt creatures because we weren't regulars or something?  I don't know.

Other Waitress had to bring us our food, too.  Which was also cold ('cause you know, by that time we'd been there for 50 minutes and our food had obviously been sitting long enough to get freakin' cold).

So basically, we sat around for almost an hour to get completely ignored and get cold food.  The manager apologized as Boyfriend was paying and he said "Oh, you were fine," as he Very Obviously scratched out the 'tip' line on the receipt and wrote the exact total out.  I don't think I've ever gotten worse service in my LIFE. 
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