Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I've seen other employer sucks on here, so I think this fits.

My first two paychecks from my new company were paper and came right to my house, very timely and all was well. The day of my third check, I thought it was odd that it wasn't here yet, but thought maybe it was a day late. That happens. After two days, I located the "pay period" page on the company intranet and checked. It had suddenly changed, with no input on my part, from paper to direct deposit, to an account with a bank I've never even heard of. I haven't yet been able to talk to anyone either with my employer or the bank, and someone suggested that they create new accounts for new hires so that they can do direct deposit. As far as I can tell, that's actually true, but why is the bank four states away and why was I not told???
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