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Bank Woes

Several years ago I opened up a bank account with my father to keep money I received as a gift for a special family event.

When we opened up the account, both he and I made sure the money would be safe and that it would always be there. (It was a Savings Only account. )

Five years later-

I go to close the account and take my money, since in the last year I opened up a Checking/Savings account with a different bank so I figured I'd just put all my money in there.

They tell me since I didn't touch the account in a certain number of years the money was sent to the state as "unclaimed funds". Nevermind that it was a Savings Account, and I did periodically check on it. (I just had no reason to take money out or put money in.)

They even had records of me contacting the bank about it many times.

The kicker is, they tried to tell me they tried to contact me about it. Both me and my father, who are on the records, were never reached. (We're both good about answering phones/emails.) The statement they tried sending was sent to an address we haven't lived in since BEFORE I opened the account. (Also different from the one on record.)

So now my dad is going through the hassle of getting my money back and I'm just like "WTF, bank."

It'd be one thing if this was a couple hundred. Eh, for me that's just a little something to cry over. But this is way more than that, and I need it to help pay some bills.
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