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Two little stories

 I've edited out the first story because it made me look stupid, mostly for the way I worded it, and partly for the way I acted when I tried to defend/explain myself.

I request from all of you that we drop the conversations regarding the first story in this entry. Talk amongst yourselves about it anywhere else, but just leave me out of it? It's caused me a bit of stress, which is stupid, and I'd rather forget about my stupid mistakes. I've learned from them and I apologize if I seemed bratty or immature. I don't really even know what the hell I was doing when I went back and re-read all my comments.

So on to the GOOD story :>


So backstory: I live on a little culdesac called Spa Circle off West Fenlon road. ALSO off West Fenlon, right across from our street is Spa Drive.

 So back in MIddle School, if I missed the bus (Which I did often unfortunately) I'd have to either stay home (not an option) or take a cab to get to school. Only $5 (they didn't use meters for whatever reason whcih I liked0. So I called up the cab company I usually used (first one in the phone book *shrug) and asked for a cab to be sent to 7 Spa Circle, and to take me to the middle school. They tell me it'll be $5 and it'll be there shortly. I thank them and hang up.
 About two hours later, I'm panicing because my school calls at about 9-10 to ask where the hell kids are, and if they call, my grandfather will wake up and KNOW I was late (which would mean, at the time, getting my computer or tv taken away D: and it was always a bitch to get it back).
 So I call the place back up and ask where the cab is. Mind you I've been sitting in front of the window this whole time, watching cartoons while I waited. The lady says "The cab came over and no one came out. He beeped for 20 minutes and no one came out of the house." I tell the lady "That's not true, I've been sitting in front of the window. No cars have come by at all!" "He said he came by and no one was there!" The lady got snippy with me. I tried to explain that there's a street right across from us with a similar name, and as I'm about to get to the different names.......she hangs up on me.

  So I called a different company and used that one.They got there in 10 minutes :>

And it was a real kicker because I used that cab service at least 20 times before with no problem.

It was really upsetting the lady was so rude with me. I was still just a kid when it happened, man...

What is it about taxi cab services that are so bad? 
Tags: butthurt, post drastically edited, taxi/limo/rickshaw, this deer is desiccated, wank

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