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even Zombies spit gobbets of me out! WUT?

a minor suckage at the Bank

This is the reason I dont use County Bank any more.

I had deposited my paycheck in my bank account on a tuesday and withdrawn $220 of it to pay off my day care fees.  I should have had $125 left in said account.  I get a call from my employer
Employer: Um Mandy?  Did you deposit your check yet?
Me : yeah.  Tuesday.  Why?
Employer:  It bounced.  The Payroll account was never balanced, and all the Your and A.'s check bounced.
Me: *feeling dizzy* What should I do?
Employer: just let me know what all the fees are and I will cover them.
Me: ok.

I go to the Bank and ask for a printout.  The guy is really nice about it, and hands me one.  I deposit my NEXT check that same day, and I am $487 in the hole from my bounced payroll.  The boss cuts me a check for the amount listed on the printout, and I go and deposit it IMMEDIATELY.  Printout, new check, and deposit all within an hours time.

I check my balance the next morning, and I notice I was still $120 short.  I should have a whopping total of $250! ($125 from last check and $125 from THIS check)  I go into the branch and talk with a Service Support Specialist (a Floater between branches becuase the NICE girl was sick) name Melissa.  I asked her what was going on.  She told me that there had been a $5 fee for the prinout (which I had NOT been told of) a $60 re-charge fee, and two $30 bounce fees for charges that had been made the week before.  I told her that I had gotten the printout and they werent on it.  I showed her the printout (given to my around noon the day before) and the charge werent listed.  She said they were levied the next morning.  I told her that when I got the printout I was told that all other fees were going to be waived, since the overdraft was not my fault.  I had been told by the Supervisor Karyn that all charges levied from the time of the printout would be completely reversed.
(here is what cheesed me off)

Melissa: Well, mam.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your payroll check clears BEFORE you spend the money.  It is not the Bank's responsibility to cover YOUR mistake.

Me: What?  This is the first time this has ever happened to me.  It's not like I have a habit of overdrafting.  It was a simple mistake.

Melissa:  As I have said Mam, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your payroll check actually cashes.  If it bounces, all the fees you accumulate are you direct responsibility due to the fact YOU are making the other charges BEFORE checking that the money is actually THERE.

Me:  Can I talk to Karyn?  She said I didnt have to pay those fees.

Melissa:  I'm sorry, Karyn is on vacation.  And I really dont think she would be able to help you, because it is not Bank Policy to return fees for a customer's mistake.  I am sure that if you think about it, you will see why.

EDIT: It was not WHAT she said, it was HOW she said it.  She was condescending, and was talking in exaggerated tones, and generally makeing me feel like she was talking to a naughty child.

Needless to say, I closed that account, my boss covered the extra $125 in fees, and Moved my account to WestAmerica Bank.  I called and spoke to her supervisor, and Karyn told me that she knows who I was talking about, and they have had a LOT of complaints about her. 

I used to work for County Bank, and I loved it there.  So it made me sad to think that a Bank that is being forced to lay off competent employees due to the housing market crash is actually KEEPING incompetent rude ones.

(edited for clairification)
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