nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Oh Expedia...how you mess with me.

Long story short:  Booked a flight with Expedia.  Last Sunday, I had to change my flight plans.  I figured there would be a penalty fee or whatever.  No problem.  I call Expedia, get the flight changed around, get my confirmation number and I think all is good.  Yeah.  Not.

I get to the airport on Monday morning, get to the counter and find out that the changes didn't take.  So I had to buy another ticket.  I figure I'll get it all straightened out when I get home.  Uhm....not so much.

I call Expedia and am told it's American's foul up and I need to call them.  I ask for a number to call with no luck.  "It's on their website."  Yeah - ok.  You try wandering through that maze.  I still haven't found a number.

Thankfully the credit card company was great, transferred me to the dispute department and will dispute it from their end.  They gave me a couple of numbers for American but no dice on those.

Right now I'm down $186 which isn't something to just go "oh well".  I would think it was Expedia's fault..but I'm just a silly traveler.
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