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Fun with Doctors!

So back in March, I found out that an EEG I had done about a year ago now, came back funny. They're not sure of the cause, but they wanted me to have a daytime EEG. (The first one was a sleep deprived EEG)

The suck isn't that I waited over 6 months for this appointment (Although the neurologist who sent me NEVER returned any of my calls when I asked WTF was up. But that was a minor thing.)

The suck happen a week ago.

I'd gone out shopping at around 12pm. Get home around 3:30 pm. There's a message from a hospital. My EEG is scheduled... For 8 am THE NEXT MORNING! Now, the person who wanted me to call back about making the appointment was only there till 4 pm. And given my license had been pulled, I had to rush around to see if my father (The one person willing to drive downtown Toronto, as my brother was a teacher and COULD NOT arrange a sub that late)

Talking to the hospital, I find out...

THE NEUROLOGIST HAD KNOWN FOR A FULL WEEK that my appointment was coming up and NEVER called me about it. So instead of having time to arrange everything, I had to rush last minute, and deal with a pissed off Father who had to go into work late, and leave early, just to get me to my appointments!

Oh and one other minor suck, but when you've been up since 5am it turns into a major suck. I had to sit in a chair from 8am to 3 or 3:30 pm, wired to a computer. Second day, around 9am some idiot starts chatting on his cell. IN A NO CELL AREA! Keeps talking for what seemed to be an hour before a nurse called him into his appointment. I dozed off at that point, woke up around noon, and Idiot is back TALKING ON HIS CELL again! I admit I was really short tempered, as I'm not a morning person at the best of times. And no nurse ever bothered to get the idiot to STFU. I couldn't really, as I could only leave the chair for washroom breaks, so I couldn't tell him to STFU, and it's annoying as hell to listen to some idiot talk when you can't get away from them.

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