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i'm sure i'm in for a royal undeserved bitchslapping for posting this; i'll beg forgiveness in advance. i had to vent, and sadly lj is my only option right now.

cut for length.

last night i broke my rule of never yelling at a customer service person. i had made a payment to my lousy credit card company in may for $255.00. i say "lousy" because it's one of those crappy banks that offer credit to people with bad credit. my credit is fine now, but i kept the account because it was convenient; and don't want to go through the hassle of paying them completely off, applying somewhere else, yada yada.

anyway, the $255.00 was coded on their end as a "duplicate payment". i noticed this on my own bank's statement. i suppose i should have just let it go, but i figured it would mess things up somehow. i called both my bank and the credit card co. several times over the course of 2 days trying to get it sorted out.

i finally ended up on the line with a rep. from the credit card co. and a rep. from my bank for 45 minutes (i timed it) while they attempted to correct the mistake. it was finally determined that it was definitely the fault of the credit card co. (they were trying to blame my bank), the payment had indeed gone through but was coded as a duplicate payment, and their rep. said she couldn't fix it and we'd have to "let the system sort it out".

last night, i got an email from the same credit card co. that my balance was over the limit. i knew this was impossible; logged on, and saw that they had taken the same $255 out of my available balance and then charged me $29 for being over the limit. i guess it took a long time for the system to "sort it out", and it didn't do a very good job of it.

i called the credit co. with memories of their rep. arguing with my bank's rep. for 45 minutes. the first thing the rep. said to me was "i see your balance is over the limit". this set me off completely; i told her it wasn't my fault and described everything that had happened when the payment was made. my explanation went completely over her head. she finally yelled "YOU MADE A DUPLICATE PAYMENT. THIS IS WHY YOUR CREDIT IS NOW OVER THE LIMIT".


this went on for a few minutes with me trying to explain the concept of duplicate payments and who would owe who what until i finally asked for a supervisor and it was resolved immediately. at least i think it was; it has to go to another department, but she promised me the money back. anyway, i'll believe it when i see it.


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