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Taxi woe!

I don't have a car, so if I do a large supermarket shop I use my local taxi firm. They are OK - not brilliant. I have been left waiting 30 mins past my pick up time before, but they are one of the cheapest firms in town so I keep using them.

Today I was at the supermarket and had got 6 bags of pretty heavy stuff so phoned them up. There was a family in front of me and they got picked up about 5 mins after I started waiting so I reckoned I wouldn't have much longer to wait. About 5 mins later a taxi pulled up and two girls who had not been in sight jumped in - no shopping or anything so they probably hadn't been in the store, and they weren't in sight when I phoned the taxi service. I bent down and asked the driver if he had got the right person and he just said 'I've already picked them up', and drove off.

I had a bad feeling so I rang up the taxi firm and yep, that was my taxi driving off with the two young ladies in. Grrrrr. To give the guy at the office his dues he got another taxi out to me very quick, but both him and the guy who picked me up said 'oh yeah, he (the other taxi guy) does that all the time'. WELL STOP LETTING HIM DO IT THEN!!

Not huge, I know, but the reason why we give names when we book taxis is so the taxi guy knows he is picking up the right people. If he is just going to let anyone jump in then what's the fucking point? I better not get him again!
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