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The Bus Driver That Couldn't

I don't mind getting yelled at when I deserve it; I don't even mind my own mother getting yelled at when she deserves it. This, however, is rather nutty and omgwhatthehelliswrongwithher. Here's the complaint that I wrote and am going to send to the bus company:

I'm writing this for two reasons: To let your company know that it has such a seemingly unstable individual working for it and because, frankly, I was offended - for my own sake and for my elderly mother who, being the one to respond (and frantically apologize), received most of the abuse.

I would rather have called to complain in person however our telephone line has the tendency to cut off calls a lot. Someone may phone us if they wish but please be warned about that problem. Our phone number is: --------------. My name is David ------ and my mother is Lydia ------. We can both be reached at this number.

I'm not the kind of person that is easily angered, or offended, but I believe this was above and beyond anything we deserved, even if the bus was out of service, or didn't stop on any of the roads which it in fact traveled, or whatever the irate driver was trying to say.

The time and date of this incident was 4:40PM on Friday October 10. The time isn't terribly accurate but it's only a 5 minute walk from the stop to our apartment building which is only a few buildings away. From this I estimate the time.

We were at one of the bus stops nearest to the Kenshen Goodman library on Lacewood. The bus driver was female and wore sun glasses; that's all I know to tell you about who she is. We boarded the number 42 'LACEWOOD' bus there. I've seen this bus go down Titus before and, in fact, the bus signs on Main Ave show that it stops there.

My mother noted to me that she found the bus driver sarcastic and snippy, even at the point of boarding.

There were other people on the bus and the routine of letting the passengers on/off continued as expected.

But on Titus/approach to Main Ave my mother pulled the cord signaling our wish to get off and we were greeted with the following response:

"Who's still on my bus?" This was said with an attitude of condescension and raised voice. The raised voice and attitude continued throughout the encounter.

I stayed quiet, quite shocked and confused, while my mother answered (who was understandably annoyed as it showed in her voice) that... well... we were still on the bus.

The bus driver responded: "What does it say on the front of the bus?" and "It says Lacewood", apparently (though rudely, as I said) explaining that this bus didn't stop anywhere around where we were at this time. But the printed bus guide and the bus-stop signs say differently. And even if I were wrong about this information, the fact that the bus says "LACEWOOD" on the front doesn't mean what she seemed to be implying, although considering the circumstances I can't be sure if she meant to make any sense, or if she was off her rocker (the driver insisted on repeating her statement about what it said on the front of the bus as my mother sincerely, frantically apologized saying we did not know whatever it was that the driver was incoherently and angrily trying to get across).

That said, as anyone who works for your company should well know, the stated destination of a bus is often immaterial to the course it takes to get there. Such as in the case of the #52 which drives from Dartmouth to Bayers Lake with the destination name of "Bayers Lake" on the front; the #80 driving through Sackville with a "Halifax" sign; and then from downtown Halifax, through the downtown area where it stops many times in its routine, with "Sackville" on the front.

If disciplinary action isn't taken then I hope someone there at least gives her a talking to. It would also be nice if she were to (on the phone, or whatever) apologize to my mother for the way she treated her.

I do apologize if we boarded a bus which we weren't supposed to, if it didn't stop where we thought it did and if we misunderstood the printed schedule thereby wasting anyone's time. But whether that's true or not, her attitude towards us was still very rude and uncalled for.

Thank you for your time.

So nuts, huh? Good thing I didn't initially react, or it would've reflected badly on my complaint... at least in their eyes, I think. The way I would have reacted.
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