EST. 1986 (andwe_explode) wrote in bad_service,
EST. 1986

Reading some of these entries in here reminded me of a time we got a phone call at the house.
My mother used to work for KeyBank, so much financial 'stuff' went throuh KeyBank. The whole company was chock-full of morons, considering after she left the company, she recieved two extra paychecks.
Anyway, there's a grace period for payments on loans, but at one point they started calling the day after the payment was due. They'd call two times a day and it was wonderful; not. Not to repeat what happens over in customers_suck but, all their representatives had accents to the point where understanding them was difficult.
I was about 15, so it was about three years ago when one Saturday morning at about ten o'clockwe got one such call. I answered the phone, and had gotten yelled at enough times for handing the phone over to my parents that as soon as I heard the butchered names I said, "Hold on, I'm not sure," and since it was a Saturday in the middle of summer, I think it's believable that I may not know.
I mouth KEY BANK across the room to them. They whisper no. Okay, yeah maybe we were sucky customers NOT we had 15 days to pay the bill, leave us the fuck alone.
Anyway, I say they can't take the call and the lady can't pronounce George correctly, but she could spit at me, intelligibly, "Then who was that you were whispering to?"
I said, "None of your business," and hung up. For all she knows I could have been in bed with a strange man.

Hatehatehate KeyBank.
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