sakanagai (sakanagai) wrote in bad_service,

It's not just bad_service; it's Sonic bad_service

My brother, Nido, and I went to Sonic for lunch. We get our orders in at roughly the same time. Nido gets his fairly quickly, but mine is nowhere to be seen. I wait and wait and watch as numerous other orders reach their diners. After roughly 15 minutes, a server came by carrying a tray overloaded with food. Amongst them was apparently my order. It passed the precursory scan, so all was well. I was willing to overlook the tater tots mixed in with the fries I had ordered, but there was no way I could consider sausage a fair substitute for the bacon I had ordered on my breakfast sandwich. I flagged down a server (is this the right term?) and asked for a replacement. While I waited for my order to be fixed, I moved on to my other sandwich. I had never ordered a burger there as Sonic only recently arrived in our area and figured I'd try one out. I ordered mine without tomato, only mustard. The gobs of ketchup[*] were a dead giveaway that Sonic was now 0-for-2 on correct orders and I asked for a replacement.

By this point, Nido was essentially finished eating and I hadn't gotten anything beyond assorted fried potatoes. I resigned myself to taking my food home and eating there, so I kept the bags handy. The replacement breakfast toaster was the first sent back and, naturally, the first to arrive. I left it alone for a while until it dawned on me that I don't have anything to lose by checking on it. It was a good thing, too, as Sonic dropped to 0-3 on correctness. My first breakfast toaster just had sausage instead of bacon. This "fixed" one didn't have bacon either. Or eggs. And it wasn't on Texas toast. It was a plain burger (and not of the same type as the other sandwich I ordered in case you were wondering). They got it wrong in every respect. I got the burger I did order eventually as well as the bacon toaster sandwich, but the whole process took well over 40 minutes and I had finished my fries and soda well before my actual meal came.

On the plus side, I got to keep the failed attempts so I had five sandwiches to take home. The downside is that the bags they use are tiny so I had to use three of them to carry everything.

[*] Allergic to tomatoes. Not rash/swelling allergic, more like lactose intolerance but with stuff other than milk. I can eat them if I'm careful about quantity, but I'd rather avoid them if possible.

tl;dr - Went to Sonic for lunch; ordered two sandwiches; they screw up both and one of the corrections; took far too long.

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